About Us

Ultimate Shirt Co. was founded in 2005 and since the very beginning we have paid very close attention to detail & quality. Originally we were just a couple of guys (Tom & Luke) with a very small printing press inspecting every print and every shirt that we printed VERY closely before sending them off to customers. Today we’ve got a whole team and a couple significantly larger printing presses, but we still inspect every print job that rolls off our presses very closely. We know that behind every one of our customers that orders 12 to 10,0000 t-shirts stand 12 to 10,0000 other individuals who will receive the completed t-shirt and we want to make absolutely sure that everybody will be satisfied.

Luke from Ultimate Shirt Co.
That’s Luke!
Tom from Ultimate Shirt Co.
That’s Tom!

We have high standards for workplace safety & the types of chemical/cleaners/inks we use in our workshop. Tom & Luke, the founders, used to do everything around the shop and they discovered pretty quickly that the industry standard chemicals (toxic spray cleaning agents and spray adhesive amongst others) were not suitable for use by humans. As a result, we use non-toxic agents throughout our workshop.

Although we maintain high standards for quality in our shop, we also try to make work at Ultimate Shirt Co fun. We operate in a relaxed and productive environment where employees can enjoy their companionship while also getting done what needs to be done on a given day.

If you decide to work with Ultimate Shirt Co. you can expect to know exactly what you are getting before your order is sent to press, getting a fair price, and getting a t-shirt that looks, fits, and feels just right!